Writing Opinion Pieces



2 Days


Learn to write an opinion piece that grabs readers and makes them want to read on, even if it’s not their topic. This 2-day workshop will show you how to lead your reader from point to point using anecdotes and evidence to reinforce your logical argument. Come along and acquire techniques that will move you away from that pedantic expression, into a lively style that respects tone.



This course is for print as well as corporate journalists – and indeed anyone able to write reasonably, who wishes to get an opinion piece published


By course end delegates will be able to

  • Understand what is newsworthy, then choose an angle to take a stance
  • Write logically giving supporting evidence
  • Position yourself to challenge opinions where necessary
  • Explore an area of reality in a balanced manner
  • Use newspaper style to jab, hit, get the point across
  • Research evidence to substantiate your statements
  • Edit and tighten so that your writing flows
  • Know how to submit your op ed for publication Contact us for more information

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