Writing Newsworthy Profiles



2 days


To grab readers, a profile needs to show what makes the individual tick as well as the larger newsworthy issue in question. Yet most profiles read like resumes, a dull lead identifying the subject, after which quote after quote roles out devoid of relevance. Proposing techniques from creative non-fiction, this 2-day workshop will show you how to write a profile that comes alive. A good profile is like a personality portrait composed of carefully crafted evidence, so that at the end you know why this particular person ended up in this particular place, doing this particular thing.



By course end delegates will be able to

  • Interview in a way that encourages your subject to open up
  • Use brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques to find your subject’s theme
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff, selecting anecdotes to achieve focus
  • Sift material to produce a personality portrait
  • Apply techniques of creative non-fiction to show rather than tell
  • Choose quotes that are soundbites rather than talking heads
  • Alternate between showing and telling, narrative and dialogue to create a tapestry
  • Show what makes your subject tick in tandem with the larger issue s/he represents
  • Edit and tighten so that your profile flows

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