Presenting to win


2 days


Besides putting their point across at meetings, executives are expected to present products, handle questions and correct perceptions.  Despite their expertise, often top executives experience difficulty presenting projects and ideas.

Despite proficiency in their own fields, they lack those presentation skills needed to pitch a point of view and persuade an audience to buy-in to their message by demonstrating what’s in it for them.



To ensure training outcomes the following areas will be covered:

  • Establishing a specific objective before designing a presentation
  • Understanding the starting point of an audience
  • Calculating how to take an audience from point A to point X
  • Using language that convinces
  • Designing a presentation for maximum impact
  • Applying principles of voice projection and body language
  • Making appropriate PowerPoint slides using graphic devices to illustrate
  • Presenting strategic topics at board meetings
  • Understanding questions and answer them constructively
  • Identifying messages and package them as soundbites
  • Acknowledging “questions from hell’ and spin them to your advantage

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