Municipal Messaging



2 – 5 days depending on content


This training is a MUST for all local government officials from both political and corporate sectors, at all levels – MMCs, councillors, communicators. Local government officials strive to bring about service delivery that will build viable communities but lack communication tools.

Evidence is the upsurge of angry citizens picketing outside municipalities and burning tyres. Enormous backlogs exist and constituencies, encouraged by the media, focus on non-delivery and feel cheated and deprived.


Local government communicators need to be able to promote their achievements and elicit much needed buy-in and participation.  A good deal has been achieved but if they sit quietly in their corners and say nothing, target publics will believe nothing has been done. This practical workshop will equip them with vital communication techniques geared at reaching both the mass media and constituencies.


To ensure training outcomes the following areas will be covered:

  • Critically evaluate current relationships with communities
  • Pin point critical issues that need to be communicated
  • What’s in it for me? Know how to sell benefits not features
  • Identify appropriate mass media channels and develop a strategy to engage them
  • Understand the way the mass media operate
  • Identify messages and package them in soundbites
  • Meet the journalist’s need for a ‘story’ while promoting their government  message
  • Shape their responses to increase the likelihood of being quoted
  • Acknowledge “questions from hell’ from both constituents and the media and “spin” them to advantage
  • Use body language and voice techniques to project a media-friendly personality

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