Message-based speeches



  2 days


Orators throughout the ages have utilised speeches to communicate with subjects.  Speeches are a powerful tool for getting messages across to stakeholders and if they are effective the media pick up on them and their content reaches communities.

Giving a speech is a once off opportunity to change perceptions yet so many are merely a monotonous roll out of the speaker’s achievements.  Audiences switch off and sleep and the opportunity is wasted. Just like any communications tool speech need to consider audience needs and perceptions. Listeners want to know what’s in it for them and why should they care.

You see listening is difficult and the best listener only hears 70% of a good speech and remembers 10%.  This course will help you understand how listeners think. It will show you how to argue logically, analytically, effectively, basing your speech on powerful messages illustrated by clear content containing easily assimilated evidence.



To ensure training outcomes the following areas will be covered:

  • Doing a situational analysis to put the speech in context
  • Identifying a desired outcome
  • Understanding audience perception
  • Formulating a main message and illustrating it with visual content
  • Using the speech to manage perceptions
  • Hooking the media
  • Applying speech building techniques
  • Using a template to architect your speech
  • Helping your speaker with delivery
  • Voice training techniques

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