Media Mileage for CSI



2 to 5 days depending on content


Corporate Social Investment is Big Business in South Africa and companies spend millions of rand each year nurturing emerging social & environmental issues.  Yet to what extent are these corporate entities attracting much needed media attention to their programmes?

We say not enough. Given that the media are the fastest, often cheapest tool for informing target publics, CSI programme directors would do well to engage these carriers of news.  Indeed most of what we know comes through the mass media and this in turn elicits buy into projects and programmes.

We say target publics including donors, government, big business, not least the community itself, would invest more in CSI programmes and projects if they knew more about them.  The obvious corollary is that that target publics more willingly watch TV, listen to radio and read newspapers than they do annual reports.



To ensure training outcomes the following areas will be covered:

  • Understand the definition of news, news values, news priorities and story selection
  • Determine your target audience
  • Initiate CSI story ideas to give to the media
  • Identify and gather the information needed for a story
  • Target both mainstream and community media
  • Engage journalists so that they cover your CSI story effectively
  • Utilise successful CSI / media case studies
  • Network and form coalitions with CSI practitioners from all sectors

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