Media Engagement



One to five days depending on content


Framed in the context of how the media functions in a changing socio-economic environment, the training will give delegates techniques for meeting journalists’ needs while putting forward the position of the organisation.

Ultimately the organisation’s image and reputation is dependant on stakeholder perception which is conditioned by media reports. Unless spokespersons consider this significant factor, initiatives and their accompanying messages will be rejected. Furthermore if perceptions are negative the media is likely to magnify them in a manner highly damaging to reputation. The training will help delegates identify critical issues the organisation needs to communicate to target media as well as potentially difficult topics likely to be raised by reporters. It will help them communicate messages clearly and concisely, adding details as needed – not only in crisis situations, but to tell the good news.



To ensure training outcomes the following areas will be covered:

  • Overview of the current media landscape: what makes the media tick?
  • The new world of media convergence: how we fit in
  • Interacting with journalists effectively
  • Understanding deadlines, newsworthiness, angles
  • What is / isn’t a story? Developing a nose for news • Writing media releases: identifying angles to package stories. • Organising media functions
  • Writing opinion pieces & letters for publication
  • Understanding audience: analysing stakeholder perceptions
  • Taking ownership of social issues: soothing hotspots and “spinning” solutions
  • Handling interviews: answering questions from hell
  • Designing stakeholder specific messages
  • • Crisis communication case studies: do’s and don’ts
  • On camera interview simulation with feedback

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