DEUTMEDIA offers a range of communications courses that can be tailored to clients’ needs.

These include:


Communications programmes

  • Setting up and implementing a communications strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluating a communications strategy
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategic internal communications
  • Managing the municipal message
  • Crisis communication


Media relations programmes

  • Setting up a media strategy
  • Handling the media – interviews, media releases, press briefings, functions
  • Community radio strategy
  • Getting media mileage for Corporate Social Investment


Writing programmes

  • Write, edit, manage corporate publications
  • Write & design e-brochures & newsletters
  • Writing newsworthy profiles
  • Writing opinion pieces for publication
  • Writing product briefs and advertorials


Speeches and Presentations programmes

  • Writing & delivering message based speeches
  • Presenting to win
  • Speaking a meetings
  • Finding your vocal energy – a voice training & body language workshop


Business writing programmes

  • Basic writing for business
  • Taking minutes at meetings
  • Write & pitch strategic reports & proposals!
  • Writing to sell – persuasive proposals


Academic skills programmes

  • Writing research reports and proposals
  • Writing case studies
  • Research methods